Apr 13, 2018 Friday the 13th – Lucky in Love – Gemma & Matthew 2018

How did you get engaged?

Dav and I got engaged after 10 years of being together on the anniversary of first meeting ☺️ it was on Halloween (and dav knows how much I love Halloween!!) had organised a ‘treasure hunt’ all around Swansea with a member of our family or friends waiting to give us the next clue! My friend had to meet me at my house when I got home from work and she had to drive me to all the different places. Everyone made out they didn’t know what was happening when they did! I was being filmed the whole time. Each place played a significant part in our relationship and at the end where we first met at Gowerton Library Dav came out and popped the question! Then all of our family and friends came running out with party poppers! We then went back to ours and had a Halloween/engagement party! Here’s the link to the video plus some pics


How did you choose your venue?

Our friends got married at Ocean View in September 2015 and we thought it was beautiful then. We asked if they minded us going to look and when we saw it again (as we hadn’t been since their wedding) we both fell in love. Especially after talking to Caren and Lynne and seeing how friendly they were. We knew it was the venue for us ?

Wedding planning was easier and more enjoyable than we thought it would be! Everything fell into place and we loved every minute of it! We had 5 months to plan it and would do it again in a heartbeat if we could! If anyone else needs help give me a call! ? I think Caren has the dream job too!

Who did your photography?

We chose Richard Savage as our photographer. I’d been following his work for a while before we even got engaged and knew that when the day came I’d love him to capture our day. I love the style of pictures he takes, they’re natural and each one has a story behind it. He’s a very talented and unique photographer and we’re so glad we chose him!


How did you choose your theme?

There wasn’t a particular or set theme, however we wanted it to be relaxed and quite rustic. We wanted all Of our guests to feel relaxed and to enjoy their day without it being too formal. We chose Rachel at The Dancing Daffodil as our florist! We loved Rachel the moment we met her as she has such a bubbly personality and will do anything and everything to help you. She really is one talented lady and creates the most beautiful floral designs.


What was the best part of your day?

The highlight of our wedding day was definitely Davs mum being able to come. She has severe Alzheimer’s and was and still is in hospital at the time of our wedding. We always knew that there was a chance that she may not be able to have come but when she was admitted into hospital a week before our big day we were devastated and had to accept that she wouldn’t be there. One of the biggest reasons why we decided to get married so soon after our engagement was so that Davs mum could be there and see her little boy get married. Little did we know Dav’s sister Sarah had organised with the hospital and Lynne for her to come as a surprise. I found out the day before but everyone including Dav were unaware she was coming. Looking at the photos it’s clear that there was not a dry eye in the room. We are so glad she was able to be there even for just the ceremony and we thank Sarah, the hospital, Lynne and Helen’s friend Alison for accompanying her and bringing her to the venue.

What is your advice for future couple?

I would say just enjoy every moment building up to your big day. The stresses of it all and the little things you’ve worried about won’t matter on the day anyway. I know it’s a cliche but the day will fly past and before you know it you’ve been married 2 months ?so take every moment in and breathe! Don’t get stressed about the photos either because it does take a long time but they are what you’ll have for the rest of your life! ENJOY!
https://youtu.be/ZbkUnEKGeRc if anyone wants to watch it ? (videographer is Craig Nelson – Chasing Moirai. Recently started video graphing and is very talented)
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